Whistleblowing at Instabee

Instabee Group is working to fight corruption, money laundering, unlawful behaviour, and other serious misconduct within our business. One important part of that work consists in providing appropriate channels where suspected misconduct can be reported in a way that is safe and secure for the reporting person. Through our whistleblowing system, available via an external platform, Instabee personnel can report suspected violations of law or business ethics and other serious misconduct confidentially. This gives Instabee the possibility to prevent and correct improper activity within our organisation.

The whistleblowing system is available for and can be used by you if you fall within any of the following categories of people within Instabee:

  • Employee
  • Former employee
  • Staffing personnel
  • Jobseeker
  • Consultant
  • Trainee
  • Any other person working under the supervision and direction of Instabee, or
  • Shareholder or person belonging to the administrative and management or supervisory body of Instabee, including non-executive members.

The whistleblowing system is available to reporting, in a work-related context, of information about misconduct/ or improprieties, and other concerns about something that is not in line with our values ​​and ethical code, that may seriously affect our organisation or a person's life or health.

Reports are handled confidentially by Instabee’s appointed whistleblowing committee. Access to reports and messages received through the whistleblowing system is strictly restricted. The whistleblowing committee will decide if and how a whistleblowing report should be investigated and, if applicable, escalated.

There are no reprisals due to reporting a violation, but if it makes you feel more confident, you may report anonymously.

For more information and filing a report, please click here.