About Us

About Us

We are a team of aspiring technophiles with a simple aim: connecting entrepreneurs and SMEs with their supply chain. We, at InstaBee, believe that the ever-changing technology is the glue that holds businesses together and helps transform key processes. If you are looking to upgrade your business, InstaBee can help you attain this far-fetched dream without changing too much about your daily processes.

InstaBee is extremely simple, intuitive and ready-to-use enterprise software specifically designed to understand your business needs. We can be your one-stop-solution for all your requirements. To make the transformation easy for every business, we use a unique data enriching feature that allows you to take the wheel and select the relevant industry. Further, we are available in 11 different languages to make the transformation easy for you as well as your clients and customers.

Our team of accomplished engineers has designed InstaBee with a basic rule of thumb: providing the best user experience based on the demography. InstaBee pertains to every business based on the localized data to understand specific user needs. We study user aspirations, behaviour traits, and then micro-target different versions of the app to help you attain the best results. We are highly focused when it comes to enterprise support and connects your business with the mainstream supply chain with ease.

InstaBee has been designed after much research in the field of enterprise support and our team of founders has been in the business for quite a long time. By trusting InstaBee, you will be allowing your business to take the leap and jump up vertically in terms of supply. Our team loves what they do and we are dedicated to providing the best customer support to all of our clients.

Why Instabee

Business on your Desk

Instabee has developed a world class ERP system for your business to handle from your desktop using Instabee MSME ERP Desktop Application which is completely customizable for all kinds business, You can do a Free trial Now

Your Business In Your Hand

Using Free MSME ERP Software you can control the way the work flow happens in your enterprise. InstaBee GST Mobile App truly enables you with technology to empower you to run the business efficiently and eventually connecting you with the larger ecosystem.

Lifetime Free

Our Free GST Invoicing mobile app software is free for lifetime. Instabee Mobile app is simple, user friendly, easy to use and negligible maintenance.

One View On The Go

Access all your business information on the go, anytime, real-time. Give field agents access to upload invoices and receipts and you enjoy the power of real time processing to get a one-time view of your business dashboard

Safe & Secure

At InstaBee, data security is of utmost importance. We use the same standards of security such as 128-bit SSL encryption, two step authentication of the user and what more all of your data runs on a secure cloud service.

Flexible Yet Scalable

InstaBee comes with various in-built modules for account keeping, Stock keeping, purchase and sales tracking and many more. These modules are flexible and can adapt to rules and regulations of any state and of any industry. InstaBee can also handle sudden surge in data volumes or sudden increase in the number of users.

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