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Instabee was founded in 2022 after combining Budbee and Instabox - two leading last-mile delivery companies with three consumer-facing brands: Budbee, Instabox and Porterbuddy.

We are obsessed with simplifying the way you ship and receive parcels. With much-loved services across seven European countries, Instabee is a challenger to be reckoned with.

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Our Services 

Instabee operates in seven countries with three consumer-facing brands: Budbee, Instabox, and Porterbuddy. In all countries, we offer both Home and Parcel locker deliveries with consumer-centricity and sustainability in focus.

Home Delivery

Our Home deliveries are performed in the afternoon and evening. We value flexibility and offer additional options like more specific time slots, “leave outside door,” or “knock gently”. In most of our countries, we use only renewable diesel or electricity in our transport, from pick-up to the last mile.

Parcel Locker Delivery

Deliveries to smart, automated parcel lockers are a convenient, environmentally sustainable, and flexible delivery service where we bring your parcel to an Instabox or Budbee Box of your choice. By placing smart, automated parcel lockers at convenient places, we enable customers to choose where, when and by whom their parcels are picked up. In most of our markets, we use only renewable diesel or electricity in our transports, from pick-up to the last mile.

Reach more than


million consumers across Europe with Instabee

Instabee is present in seven countries, serving thousands of online merchants, including ASOS, Zalando, Inditex and H&M and is on track to become the leading European e-commerce platform. Instabee has delivered more than 120 million parcels to end consumers. Since the start, Instabee has focused on consumer-centric and sustainable solutions, offering deliveries to parcel lockers or homes using muscle power, electricity, biofuel, and renewable diesel. Through bespoke technical solutions, Instabee can guarantee optimal fill rates and routing, minimising any unnecessary transports.

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